Nude by Kwesi Abbensetts
Model               Jay

Finally got to meet Curt from two9
#Blessings  (at House of Adrene)


Being a true God/dess in current times is not only desired, but in my opinion mandatory. The understanding of what a God/dess is emerges from the simplicity and authenticity of our divine nature. As we return to the things that connect us to the real and remind us of the things that truly…


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You give until you’re completely hollow, and there is nothing left. Seeking someone, or something for a feeling that can only be authentically generated from within. You’re just trying to quench your thirst for love. You want completeness. The hunger gapes a hole to the pit of your heart. Wide open, ready, and willing for a feeling that doesn’t externally exist.

— Awakened Vibrations (via awakenedvibrations)

Follow your dream, not the people around you.

— (via joshwindy)

Albert Nyberg - 360 hardflip